Contact us to book a private group workshop tailored to your interests and led by an experienced Lactation Consultant. Turn breastfeeding education into a social event at your home, workplace or event space.

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Prenatal Class (up to 10 moms-to-be) — $400 total

  • For expecting moms-to-be who want to get a handle on breastfeeding before baby arrives
  • Covers the fundamentals of breastfeeding — everything you need to know before you start
  • Build confidence, learn about challenges that can arise, and improve your chances of breastfeeding success

Postnatal Class (up to 10 moms & babies) — $550 total

  • For moms new to breastfeeding or experienced moms simply looking for a tune-up
  • Interactive learning with one-on-one attention for mom and baby as time permits
  • Topics can include common challenges such as infant weight loss, latching problems, tongue ties, lip ties, engorgement, flat or inverted nipples, mastitis, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications do your Lactation Consultants have?

IBCLC is the highest designation available to lactation professionals and serves as the gold standard in our field.

Many health and wellness individuals currently refer to themselves as “lactation consultants” but do not have the professional designations or clinical experience to meet the above standards. This does not necessarily mean that they provide sub-standard services — it simply means they do not meet our strict professional requirements.

We also take great care to ensure that all of our certified Lactation Consultants share our practical, non-judgemental philosophy with regards to breastfeeding. Although this qualification is more abstract and nuanced, we consider it to be fundamental to the quality and consistency of our practice.

Are your services covered by my health insurance?

Depending on your insurance plan or health spending account, some or all of our Lactation Consulting services may be covered (a prescription from your physician may be required).

Please check with your insurance provider.  You may also want to look into whether your insurance covers home services by a Registered Nurse (a prescription from your physician may be required).

Do you offer direct billing?

At this time, we do not offer direct billing. You will need to submit your receipts directly to your insurance provider for claims.

Are your services available in my area?

Our In-Person Consults and Private Group Classes are currently available to moms in the greater Edmonton area only, but are coming soon to a major Canadian city near you. Stay tuned!

We provide eConsults as well as phone, text and email support to moms located anywhere in the world. We also provide interactive eClasses, streamable from any location.

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