No milk?

One of the biggest issues early postpartum that I see among the patients that I work with is the idea that they have “no milk.”  True milk insufficiency (no milk) among breastfeeding mothers is extremely rare, although it can be impacted by breast surgeries or maternal-infant illnesses.  Milk supply is primarily determined by supply-demand.  For […]

They said it would be pain free

What’s the deal with nipple pain?  One of the most common symptoms of a poor or shallow latch is nipple pain.  I always ask my patients whether the pain is a tugging/ pulling sensation or a pinching/burning sensation.  Typically, it is normal to feel a tugging or pulling sensation, while pinching or burning could indicate […]

Don’t worry, the struggle is real

For most women, the struggle is real and it’s not like you see in the movies — they make it look so natural and easy. Meanwhile, you are sitting there with your breasts leaking, nipples bleeding, and baby crying. For the first few days, weeks, and for some (months), breastfeeding can be tough. In addition to […]

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