For most women, the struggle is real and it’s not like you see in the movies — they make it look so natural and easy. Meanwhile, you are sitting there with your breasts leaking, nipples bleeding, and baby crying.

For the first few days, weeks, and for some (months), breastfeeding can be tough.

In addition to recovering, you’re learning how to care for your brand-new baby all while having to learn a new skill (whether you’ve breastfed before or not). The majority of us don’t live in communities where we’re supported by other women to breastfeed or have breastfeeding elders to ‘teach’ us the ropes. Unfortunately, for many of us, those days are gone and the elders we’re surrounded by might be more inclined to tell us we’re starving our babies or that they didn’t breastfeed and we “turned out just fine.”

In a world with endless information and opinions, it’s easy to get confused and frustrated. Sometimes all you need is a little guidance and a lot of support to get you through it (plus someone to do your laundry, cook your meals, clean your house, wash your hair, babysit your other kids).

Seeing an experienced Lactation Consultant who understands all this can help get you back on track. You might even start to enjoy breastfeeding. My job is to help you (and your breasts) discover a passion for breastfeeding. Stay tuned for most posts!

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